I’m tempted to do things that will make other people feel uncomfortable just so that they can get the point that even though you live here, it’s not your place, so there should be a courtesy reminder of when you’re bringing people over and whatnot.

I’m a very territorial and possessive person when it comes to my home, so there are strict rules on what to do and what not to do here.

We’re going to be gone the whole weekend, and I’m not comfortable with leaving people here while we’re gone. But it is what it is.

Two more weeks and it’s back to prancing around the house and playing video games half naked.

Yesterday was a somewhat eventful day.

I had been telling my husband that I wanted to baked Nutella Rolls for the longest time, but he’s always so busy that he doesn’t have time to sit and bake with me, so instead my neighbor (one of his corporal’s wife) came over and helped me with them as the guys watched movies and fell asleep.

About Pegasus vs Unicorns-

Me: This book asks what is better, a Pegasus or a Unicorn…
Husband: A Pegasus.
Me: Now you must state your case.
Husband: Because Pegasus can fucking fly!
Me: Ok?
Husband: What can unicorns do? Other than stand there looking pretty with a horn? A Pegasus on the other hand, that creature can fucking FLY!

My husband is going to be one of those men who you see in places, holding their babies as if they were an odd being, to arms length, with his head titled to a side and asking him questions about life and trying to have a conversation with him as if he were a full grown adult…

And people will stare and I will just shake my head and try to hide because what the fuck?

About third world countries-

  • Me: We should buy a farm and plant coffee.
  • Husband: Why?
  • Me: Apparently, there will be a shortage of coffee and bacon on 2020.
  • H: So?
  • Me: Do you have an idea of how much money we would make?
  • H: Do <b>you</b> have an idea of how much work that would take?
  • Me: Yeah, so what? Let's do it in Colombia, pay them a dollar or two per hour.
  • H: I don't know what kind of country you think Colombia is...
  • Me: A third world country?
  • H: Do you know what a third world country is?
  • Me: Colombia?